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Process Workshop

$250 per person 6 weeks (Mondays 6:30pm - 8:30pm)

If poetry is everywhere, how do you capture it on the page and beyond? Process is a workshop series for poets who are finding the poetic in unexpected places and who want to develop a sustainable writing practice through process-based learning. We will explore essays by poets (and interdisciplinary artists) from past and present, who write about the process of arriving at poetry as social critique and political intervention. 

Through facilitated dialogue and reflection, we will co - create a process of acknowledging poetry in other spaces and art forms. Poetry as healing transgenerational wounds. Poetry as giving voice to stifled ancestry and lineage, and as a way to break languages that have cut our tongues. 

Following the first two weeks of introduction, each writer will “incubate” an idea, concept or question they have been interested in.

In this 6 week workshop participants will develop a process for their poetry and writing practice that will feel authentic and sustainable. I take great care in creating a safe environment for participants to develop their ideas.


Re-Membering Workshop

$250 per person / 6 weeks (Wednesdays 6:30 pm - 8:30pm)

What is the creative process of remembering and its uses for poets (and other artists). Link to writing as a process of addressing difficult and traumatic histories: can poetry mourn the unmourned? How does poetry intervene in social, political and historical situations? How do you use the memories of others (family, public, social movements, history) for poetic exploration? What are the uses of forgetting/silence to fuel creative imagination?

This workshop will teach you how to use memory in your writing in a way that disrupts cliché and challenges stereotypes. Avoid memorializing or objectification. Engage with history/memory towards a livable future (ethics of memory). Use metaphor, form, structure in ways that make-meaning move beyond static representation. 


  • How to use methods like collage, ‘following the brush’ and link + switch to re-member 

  • Use of journals, photos and art as prompts for re-membering 

  • How to be a witness in your writing 

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